• CIS, Slavic and Baltic countries Boxing Bureau

Ratings Standard

Ratings Committee

Article 1 – Introduction
The rating Committee shall be appointed in accordance with the Charter of the Organization.

Article 2 – Function of the CISBB Ratings Committee
The Ratings Committee works and decides independently from the Board of Directors. Appeals from CISBB members or Affiliated National Associations against decisions made by the Ratings Committee have to be heard and determined by the Disputes Settlement Committee (Internal Regulations 9.1)
The Ratings Committee will compile each month a table of up to 15 boxers in each of the weight categories recognized by the Board of Directors, such table to be based upon boxing merit as well as results of the most recent contests up to the last day of the previous month. The ratings Committee will as well compile ratings for women boxers in weight categories recognized by Board of Directors.
Such ratings will be circulated amongst all members and Affiliated National Associations by the General Secretary before the 10th day of the following  month. Ratings will also be published on the CISBB website.

Article 3 - Eligibility
To be eligible to be rated in the CISBB ratings a boxer must be :
(a) at least 18 years of age;
(b) domiciled in and a citizen of CIS countries or countries related by descent or Slavic languages;
(c)  licensed at least one year by a CISBB Affiliated federation or organization

Article 4 – WeightsWeight categories recognized by the Council, defined in the Competition Rules SISBB

Article 5 – Standards of rating
As a general rule the Ratings Committee at its complete discretion shall rate only boxers who are capable of competing for CISBB titles, or women titles respectively. Male boxers must have fought  at least 8 contests, one of them  scheduled to be over 8 rounds. Of these contest at least two contests in last 24 months must have taken place in CIS countries or countries related by descent or Slavic languages. Totally at least 5 of boxers last 10 fights must have taken place in CIS countries or countries related by descent or Slavic languages and been sanctioned by CISBB Affiliated Association.
Female boxers must have accomplished at least four contests to be eligible to be rated.
Boxer has to be active during last 12 months in order to stay on the ratings.
The Ratings Committee at its complete discretion shall take into account the boxer’s general ability, his recent performances, his record and activity as well as the value of his opponents.

Article 6 - Introduction of a boxer to the ratings
A boxer may be recommended to be rated by a member of the Ratings Committee or by written recommendation of his licensing National Association. Boxer can be rated only in one weight division at a time. He must have boxed at least one of his last two contest in the division he wants to be rated. When boxer engages in a title fight he will be rated in the category in which the fight took place.
As a general rule no boxer will be newly included in the ratings after having been defeated in his last contest; it is to the discretion of the Ratings Committee to decide otherwise.

Article 7 – Removal from the ratings
A boxer shall no longer be rated:
- if the Ratings Committee at its complete discretion no longer regards him/her as worthy   contender.

- Except for the champion and the mandatory challenger,  if he/she has been inactive for more than 12 months (after 8 month inactivity the rating shall start to be lowered)
- if he/she is no more licensed by an CISBB Affiliated National Association 

-  if he/she is suspended by his/her National Association
- If he/she is found having used forbidden drugs (WADA), the suspension from the ratings is 2 years.

-if he/she is performing on meetings organized by federations or organizations not member of the CISBB the rating commission will remove her/him  from the ratings for nine months  and on request of the respective federation he/she can be rated again

A boxer holding a so called “ European or Asian title” from another organization will not be rated. One year after he has relinquished this title he can be rated. The challenger cannot be rated for nine months.

Article 8 – World champions
Current Full world champions will not be rated as contenders, but mentioned as ineligible at the beginning of the rating list.

Article 9 – Official Challenger
The Official Challenger will be always appointed by the Ratings Committee and such appointment shall be made known by  the General Secretary at the moment of the confirmation of  the previous championship contest.  Unless otherwise decided at the complete discretion of the Ratings Committee the highest rated and available contender who accepts the nomination shall become next Official Challenger.
No contender marked with an asterisk (see Article 11) can be appointed as Official Challenger.
As a general rule no contender shall be appointed as Official Challenger immediately after having been defeated, unless the Ratings Committee at its complete discretion decides otherwise (e.g. if it is a close defeat in a recognized world title contest).

Article 10 – Loss of the status of Official Challenger 
If the Official Challenger loses in a contest after he has been appointed, he will lose his status unless otherwise decided by the Ratings Committee and he will be replaced by the highest rated and available contender, who accepts the nomination.

Article 11 – Withdrawal from a Championship Contest
The Champion or Official Challenger, who has agreed with the contest  either by agreement or purse bids, but withdraws from the contest, shall be fined 3300 Euros and shall not be allowed to fight for the CISBB title or women title during the next following 12 months.
Such boxers shall  be marked with an asterisk (*). If the fines are not paid boxers will be removed from ratings until they have been paid.

Article 12 – Decisions
All decisions of the Rating Committee are taken by simple majority of the with the main voice the Chairman of the Rating Committee or, if his nonexistent, the President CISBB.
A member of the Ratings Committee shall not vote in respect of any decision in which he has any direct or indirect interest.